The mirror said

Once there was a young child that was standing in front of an enormous mirror. The child was not able to see where it began and where it ended. Soon the young child started running around, doing cartwheels and pulling faces – the mirror reflected everything it did. The child was getting curious.

»Who are you?« it said.

»I am the mirror,« replied the same, »I am the mirror which reflects the world. Entire kingdoms come and go, monarchs enter and make their exit, crowns emerge from gold and turn into gold again when the time is right. I reflect all this, nothing could escape my notice. Nothing could ever come into existence without being within myself.«

After a pause the child said:
„So I am inside of you, too.«

»Listen to my truth, dear child, you are the mirror. I have been standing here for eons and I will be standing here for the very same time. Your delusion was to think that you could ever be anything else than the mirror which reflects the world.«

»But when I am the mirror, then kingdoms, monarchs and crowns are just the same to me as the young child I thought to be.«

»That is true,« The mirror said. »The child you thought to be is nurtured by the belief not to be reflected within the mirror. I am neither good nor bad, I just reflect the world.«

The child started brooding.
„Why haven’t I noticed you up till now?«

The mirror answered: »Most people don’t dare to face me. But still, everything they present to the mirror will be reflected to them. Most people are living their lives with their back pointing at me. So I just reflect their back. Although – or because – they do not know that there is a mirror behind them them they suffer from the reflection. As if they feared something unpleasant they wouldn’t dare to turn around. Some people, however, are standing quite close to me but still they would not show their face to me. If they regarded themselves within the mirror, true understanding would start.«

The child was in fact very close to the mirror, standing still, just regarding its reflection. Time passed. Then the child stretched out its arm in order to touch the mirror’s surface. But something surprising happened. Obviously, the surface was not solid – it seemed more like the surface of a liquid. The child’s hand was absorbed by it. The mirror was similar to a clear mountain lake, reflecting the environment on its surface. The child grew very excited.

It made a step forward and disappeared completely inside the mirror.