The promises you made

What about all the noble promises you made?
You wanted to walk the path of life,
straight get to the aim, not sink into strife.

Did you keenly make clear
that you wanted to send
your love through all spheres,
to the benefit of everything that exists?

You forgot that you’d be
an amorphous flow
just pure energy
extending to the last corner of the universe.

Tell me, did you assure
to be like a child
so natural and pure
to comfort the hearts painted black by pain?

Was it so hard to see
what you’ve brought along,
where the path used to be
where I’ve been standing to accompany you?

So I want you to know
that I still embrace you,
my love’s an inner glow.

Whenever you ask
it’ll be my task
to help you fulfill

The promises you made.